Home office

Date: 1/24/23
Training Week: 2 (race week!)
Time: 64 min
Activity: PT Exercises
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes (feel so much better)

Commentary: The run this morning felt awesome! The first half was a warmup, and the second half was intervals. I’ve been working on breathing through my nose while running. During the intervals, I could calmly breathe through my nose even when I got up to 85% of my max heart rate.

During my forced computer breaks, thanks to some software installed on my work computer, I did some PT exercises. I specifically focused on ones for ITBS. Since my left IT band gave me hell during Dead Horse, I figured it was probably good to work on that. Probably should have started earlier, but I plan to do them every day this week. I even did some banded side steps yesterday! Granted, that’s all I did yesterday, but oh well.

To avoid signing a telework agreement, I chose to work from an in-town office building when I wasn’t out in the desert. Now I want to work from home. First, I want to spend as much time with Oreo as possible. Second, now that I have remote desktop access to a school lab computer, I have no reason to go to the lab, which happened to be by my in-town office. Third, I save so much time working from home between commuting and preparing/gathering breakfast and lunch.

Too bad Oreo can’t work for me.

If I want to work from home, I not only need to sign a telework agreement, but I also need to upgrade my home office. My home monitor was okay, but I really wanted a bigger one. On Sunday, I bought a big ass monitor at Costco, and I love it! While the new monitor is great, my desk is my fricking dining room table. I miss the adjustable desks I have in my offices. And I especially miss the adjustable desk with the lower keyboard shelf at my in-town office.

I decided to go all out. I ordered an adjustable desk with a keyboard shelf the same size as my dining room table, so I know it will fit. I also ordered an under-desk treadmill so I can walk while I work! Think of how many more miles I can get each day! Granted, I’ll probably only use it 2-3 times a week, but that could add up to ten or more extra hours of walking per week. I’m pretty stoked. Let’s hope I don’t fall off the damn thing though.

Question of the Day: Do you work from home and have an amazing home office? If you do, tell me about it! I need the inspiration to make my home office as awesome as possible!

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  1. even though I’m retired, work part time selling run stuff, and lead 3 run clubs, I have this desire to work from at something…but, okay I keep hoping that Lululemon will have that opening..but, well, not sure why, but keep thinking it’d be cool I’ve always loved their business model and what lulu does…but maybe someday

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