This website/blog is for me, not you! But I would like nothing more than to share my journey with you, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone all out and bought a domain. The blog is more of a journal, a place to put the shit in my head, the stuff that revolves around training, running and more. Although I have put off my 100-miler goal until I thru hike the PCT in (hopefully) 2025, I’m going to keep on running.




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Beaverhead 55k

The latest but maybe not the greatest.

Vanlife & cat walks

No hiking today, but I got a run in, and we took the cat for a walk.

Red Breaks & not giving up

I decided not to do any strength training this week, and we attempted Red Breaks Canyons.

Back in town for a day

Spent the day in St George getting the van fixed, and I got a run in.

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