This website/blog is for me, not you! But I would like nothing more than to share my journey with you, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone all out and bought a domain. The blog is more of a journal, a place to put the shit in my head, the stuff that revolves around training, running and more. Although I have put off my 100-miler goal until I thru hike the PCT in 3-5 years, I’m going to keep on running.




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Zion 50k

The latest but maybe not the greatest.

Hot water in the Frank

I had a surprisingly good time at a backpacking hot springs Meetup even though I was peopled out.

What is going on?!

Getting back into it has been rough, but I think the tide is finally starting to turn!

Fitness season

You can’t tell from the featured image, but it’s that time of year to eat better and get fit again!

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