Busy, busy!

Dates: 1/25/23 – 1/26/23
Training Week: 2 (race week!)
Time: 33 min (Wed, easy treadmill hike/run)
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: The recovery hike/run on Wednesday was pretty darn good! Unfortunately, that’s all I did yesterday because I was so busy! I worked for 12 hours straight. By the end of the day, I didn’t want to do anything but relax. Today was another busy, 12-hour day. I guess that’s what happens when you work full-time and go to school full-time!

Today I did a quick walking warmup on the treadmill before PT, and that was it. My PT doc taped me up last time, which helped with the pain in my left heel. He taped me up again today, and I’m hoping it will help during the race. I am a little worried about my left IT band. I did some foam rolling, so we’ll see!

The best part of working from home is seeing my sweet kitten sleeping in the chair next to me.

The plan was to leave for Moab tonight, but my new desk is supposed to be delivered today. Now we leave first thing tomorrow morning. Personally, I’m glad. I was not looking forward to packing in a hurry and potentially forgetting something important.

Oreo’s homeopathic medicine came yesterday! I mixed it with her wet food this morning, and she ate all of it. A few hairs on her bald spot are starting to grow back! Overall, I’m feeling quite optimistic about her health.

Oh, I finished Stray! There is still one achievement I want to try for, but I did finish the game. I also bought three more computer games that I have yet to play. I’ll probably be too busy to play them this weekend between the race, driving, and homework. It is crazy how much there is to do for my classes.

That’s all for now!

Question of the Day: Do you play any computer games? If you do, tell me which ones and how you like them! I could always use a few more to add to my wishlist.

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