Glorious recovery day

Date: 1/22/23
Training Week: 1
Time: 30 min (easy spin)
Activity: Yoga
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Mostly, I ate a sample cookie at Costco

Commentary: My easy spin ride this morning was quite lovely. It felt good to move my legs without exerting much effort. I probably didn’t need to spin to an iFit workout because I played on my phone most of the ride.

I was convinced two pairs of my favorite underwear had been missing for at least a month. The first version of the Exofficio women’s sport mesh brief is dreamy. They aren’t tight but also aren’t loose, are super moisture-wicking, never smell, and instead of elastic around the edges, it’s just stretchy fabric. Anyway, while spinning, I looked on Amazon to see how many pairs I bought because I only bought them on Amazon. Five pairs.

I love this cat!

Guess what? I have five pairs between my underwear cubby and the dirty clothes. None were missing. I think I wanted to have more pairs and created an extra two in my head. It’s a possibility, right? The new version of this underwear has a horribly tight elastic waistband now, and I can’t find any more of the old version in my size. If only the imaginary missing pairs of underwear were real. Sigh.

Today I did restorative yoga, and it was downright delicious. I love stretching and relaxing without having to do any hard work. Recovery days really are the best. I can’t believe I blew off so many of them to get extra work in. What was I thinking?! But today’s practice reminded me I still can’t do a seated wide-leg forward fold. My back stays stiff as a board, and my fingers only touch the ground in front of my crotch.

One of the reasons I have come to enjoy doing yoga at home is the flexibility it allows, no pun intended. Instead of awkwardly sitting upright with my legs wide, I did a standing wide-legged fold. When it came time for pigeon on my left side, I noticed my hip felt painfully tight. I paused the practice and rolled it out with a massage ball before continuing with pigeon and was able to sink nicely into the pose.

Also while pedaling, I thought about this upcoming week. Race week! Should I continue to follow the Tommy Rivs 10k series this week? If I do, Thursday will be an interval run. Is it wise to do an interval run two days before a 50k you’re not ready for? Since today was a legit recovery day, perhaps I could start my training for the week on Monday instead of it being a rest day. I don’t know!

Question of the Day: What does your training look like on race week? Help me figure this out!

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  1. right now I’m busy watching something called the Last of Us…um, zombies, and yeah maybe nightmares…I have spun to Zwift in the past, this year with my gym membership I like having that coach setting up what we do…and a little more intense then I would do on my own….on my own, yes I would stand and peddle during commercials or during breaks in youtube videos…I need that push

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  2. I think the final 2 weeks before a particularly gruelling event like that should have far less volume in it and perhaps a loosening up run a couple of days before so that things aren’t too tense on the day. Is a personal thing and there isn’t really a hard fast rule that states you have to do 50% volume, reducing it and sticking to your usual foodstuffs is quite key though …

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