Microdosing plan

Date: 1/21/23
Training Week: 1
Time: 76 min (progressive run)
Activity: Yoga
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Nope

Commentary: About an hour into the run I was feeling it. My left hip started getting a wee niggle. But overall, I’d say it was a good run. I didn’t push myself too hard, but I didn’t take it easy the whole time either. Tomorrow I planned on doing the recovery run that was supposed to be today. Instead, I think I shall hit the spin bike for an easy ride. You know, a more gentle active recovery.

After my run, I rolled right into yoga. Speaking of structures, mine were clearly tuckered out after the run. During the standing yoga poses my feet and ankle area got angry a lot quicker than usual. In the future, I think I shall do restorative yoga after a long run so I don’t have to do any standing poses.

I came up with a strength microdosing workout plan!

  • Tuesday – PT exercises for ITBS and balance
  • Wednesday – chest
  • Thursday – legs
  • Friday – back
  • Saturday – core
  • Sunday – arms

Each day I’ll only do 2-3 different movements/exercises for about 10-15 minutes. The goal is to change up the movements/exercises each week. I also plan to use all of my available resources to change it up – TRX, Les Mills videos, iFit strength workouts, HIIT from Down Dog, and anything else I can find to keep it interesting. On Tuesday I shall start!

Oh, and I signed up for another race. The Sinks Canyon 50k is two weeks before the Bears Ear 50-miler, so I figured it would be a good training race. And one of the gals from the trail running club is running it – her first 50k! I’m pretty excited for her. Still debating whether I should run with her, or just go for it.

My husband and I went out to lunch with a coworker and her boyfriend. We went to our favorite Indian/Nepalese restaurant, and I decided today would be a full-blown cheat day. We ordered four appetizers and four entrées. My husband and I usually split an order of naan, but we each ordered one this time. It was way too much food, and I was uncomfortably stuffed afterward. Still, no regrets!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite type of food to get when you go out to eat?

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  1. I love anything new..but lately, Indian. though we just had Italian at a restaurant that I fell in love with…this week while my wife is at work, I’m going again for lunch lol!


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