“Recovery” run

Date: 1/20/23
Training Week: 1
Time: 31 min (mostly treadmill hiking)
Activity: Yoga
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Not really, lots of fried food

Commentary: Since yesterday was a pilar run, meaning we did some hard work, meaning we did intervals, today was supposed to be a recovery run. I call bullshit. Most of the “run” was at a 12% incline. I had to hike to keep my heart rate down, and my calves were burning. Recovery my ass! Tomorrow is supposed to be another “recovery” run, but I will do the long run instead so I have more recovery time afterward.

UltraSignup sends me their newsletter, and every once in a while there is something that interests me. One such tidbit was about microdosing strength training.

The microdosing tidbit was an IG post.

This idea intrigues me since, as you probably know, I have a lot less time to do strength training these days. Perhaps I could break up the muscles trained into five groups: legs, chest, core, back, and arms. Then I can go through all five groups each week, and I can change up which exercise I do every week. Most importantly, I’ll limit myself to ten minutes of hard work. Or I could do Body Pump upper body one day and Body Pump lower body another day. Or a combination of both depending on my schedule.

Not long after I finished my run I got an email from the homeopathic pet doctor. They recommended two different regimens for Oreo, and although pricey, I instantly ordered both. She means too much to me to be stingy.

Oreo often hangs out on the chaise behind my desk/dining table while I work, but lately, I want her closer so I can just turn around and touch her. I put one of the dining table chairs next to my office chair with a blanket on it. At first, she wasn’t interested, but then she came around. It felt good to have her closer.

Ignore the disaster on my chaise. It’s a catch-all when I walk in the door.

I did a slightly shorter yoga practice today focusing on twists, and it felt pretty good. I can tell that my flexibility is slowly coming back. Then I plopped down at my computer to keep chipping away at my homework. It’s crazy how much homework I already have with it only being the second week of class. I guess that’s what happens when you take advanced classes!

Holy shit!!! I decided to call it a day as far as homework, and I turned around to find my sweet kitten on the chaise GROOMING!!! The meds must be working!!! I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY!!! Think I used enough exclamation points? She didn’t groom for long, but she did it.

It’s hard to see, but her little tongue is licking away!

Question of the Day: Did anything exciting happen to you today? Tell me all about it!

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