Back on the mat

Dates: 1/5/23 – 1/6/23
Training Days: Week 9, Days 4 & 5
Time: 41 min (progression w/light hills) + 34 min (easy)
Activity: Yoga (Fri)
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: Thursday’s run felt pretty darn good! Getting my heart rate up and pushing myself a little more wasn’t miserable, which I feel is a good sign considering how sluggish I’ve been lately. But man oh man was I sore from my strength workout! It had been eight months since I last did a deadlift, so my lower back was feeling it. My upper back was also sore from lat pullovers. I considered grabbing my snorkel so I could hop in the tub and get my whole back in Epsom soak, but instead, I watched a movie and went to bed.

Originally, the plan was to do a run and strength workout first thing this morning. Since I woke up still feeling quite sore I did an easy run — and yoga! It felt soooooo good to get back on the mat. My goal is to do yoga on my days off and Monday morning (rest day!), at least until my weekends start to get busy when the weather warms up. Then my goal is twice a week. Maybe once a week. We’ll see.

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  1. I’ve kind of left lifting behind over the Christmas break…I keep adding and trying to add things, so going to the gym to run, to spin works…sometimes I do weights waiting for a spin to begin, or right after…..but the last time, I saw the weights, did dead lifts, and yeah, my knees even liked it….so time to get back at it..

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  2. Well done on the run and the rest . Ohhh I hear you regarding deadlifts (which are my fav) and then running after them is ouchy . I used to think strength training would ruin runs as I would ache on a run . But now I no it actually helps even when I’m swearing all the way round my run. Ha ha . And yay to yoga . I love it soo much it chills me out and helps the ole lactic acid build up too after a run

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