Back at it

Date: 1/4/23
Training Day: Week 9, Day 3
Time: 55 min (easy run)
Activity: Strength Training
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: I’ve barely run for the past month, so I’m slower than I’d like to be. And even though I did the treadmill calibration and made an easy spreadsheet calculation to convert the miles, I’m not a fan of doing the conversions. This semester I’m pressed for time because I have eight hours of class each week during the workday, which means I have eight hours of work I need to put in outside of working hours. Because of all this, the thought of having to get so many miles in each day and each week has already started stressing me out, and the semester doesn’t start until Monday.

Instead of stressing about miles, I’ve decided to go to training by time instead of distance. For my 50k at the end of the month, my goal is to get in about 7-8 hours a week between running, hiking, and walking. Seems reasonable, right? Time on my feet is what I plan to focus on. I even moved my computer to an adjustable desk at my in-town office so I can stand while I work. Every little bit counts at this point since my race is in a mere three and a half weeks. I also started back up with the strength training after a two-week break. It felt quite good to lift again!

My new desk!

Oh, and I had an appointment with my hippie doctor. My blood looked like shit! It was full of all sorts of stuff that should be flushed out by the lymphatic system, but apparently, mine hasn’t been doing a good job. She gave a tincture that should help. I also looked on the interwebs to see what else I could do to help myself out, and I learned a thing or two about the lymphatic system. It doesn’t have a pump like the heart or lungs but instead relies on the body’s movement, breathing, intestinal activity, and muscle action to create flow and push the toxins out of the body.

This is probably why my hippie doc said my limited amount of exercise these past few weeks was likely to blame. She said my increased animal protein intake could be to blame since I used to shy away from meat more. Regardless, now that I’m back at it, I should start doing better overall. With any luck whatsoever, I’ll keep up my workouts even with my crazy schedule. My husband has been making me tasty and healthy lunches, and from now on he’s only using tempeh, tofu, or wild-caught salmon for protein. And I’m doing better about drinking more water. This year is off to a decent start!

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  1. This is a really inspiring and positive post! I love how you’ve approached your running training by focusing on time instead of distance. It’s so much better for your mental health to not stress about miles, and just focus on putting in the time. And kudos to you for making small adjustments like moving your computer to an adjustable desk, that will not only help your training, but also benefit your overall health.

    And speaking of health, your appointment with your hippie doctor sounds like it was quite eye-opening. I’m glad you’re taking steps to improve your health, and your husband’s healthy lunch choices and focus on using wild-caught salmon, tempeh, and tofu for protein is a great idea. With all of these positive changes, you’re definitely off to a fantastic start this year! Good luck with your 50k, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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