Wert in der ferk

Dates: 1/7/23 – 1/9/23
Miles: 0.4 (easy run, Sat) + 2.4 (walking, Sun)
Mobility/Stretching: No
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: Saturday morning I woke up blah. Almost like I’m depressed, but I can’t quite tell. Most weekend mornings it’s hard for me to get the motivation to work out, so that was nothing new. But there was this underlying blah I couldn’t shake.

Maybe it’s because the kitchen is dirty? I don’t know why, but when the kitchen is unkempt, it doesn’t something to my head. So, I cleaned up the kitchen. While I was cleaning, I noticed a twinge on my right ankle in the same spot my left ankle used to hurt, except it was a different kind of pain. I grabbed my voodoo floss and flossed the area. It felt better!

Despite my blah-ness and lack of motivation, I eventually got my running clothes on and hopped on the treadmill. Oye, the right jankle is acting up already. Maybe it’ll loosen up once I warm up. My goal was to make it ten minutes before deciding whether to continue running or call it a day. I barely made it to eight minutes when sharp pains started radiating from the right jankle. I guess I’m done for the day. What the fuck is going on? I did a recovery run and yoga yesterday! Why is this happening?!?!?!

Nummy tofu scramble with avocado to cheer me up on Sunday.

As soon as I hopped off the treadmill the level of blahness increased, but it wasn’t because of the new jankle. Sitting on my plyo box, rubbing the horse version of Icy Hot into my jankle, I pondered what was wrong with me.

I think work is a big part of it. Our goal is to operate our test reactor to, well, test different experiments. But our reactor plant is old as shit, so it breaks a lot. When it breaks, it wreaks havoc on our schedule. Since we hardly ever know what we can accomplish on a given day and who will be needed to accomplish it, it’s hard for me to schedule any of the training I need to do with our new folks. And on Monday it gets even harder because we’re losing an operator. Also, like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m just not happy with my job in general.

Anyway, I played my new game, Stray for a few hours, and it made me happy. I had all intentions of doing yoga, but I couldn’t get past the blahness.

Sunday morning, I woke up blah as well. No yoga. No running. No strength training. But I did manage to go for a walk with a friend, so that was nice. The fresh air and movement did me some good. I also played more Stray. I really suck at video games, so my husband had to help me get through a few sections.

I stayed up later than I anticipated Sunday night, so I forewent yoga before work on Monday and slept in. I went into work expecting it be a silly day. It did the trick! I wasn’t miserable and irritated at all that day, even when I had to stay late without even being asked whether I could support. What if I had plans after work? I guess since my supervisors’ lives revolve around work they assume their employees’ lives do?

The blahness was still there all day, but it wasn’t horrible. Still not sure what’s going on, but I’m hoping I can shake it sooner than later.

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