Electrolytes and saddles

Date: 11/14/21
Training Day: 62
Miles: 12.5 (iFit indoor bike ride)
Activity: Body Pump #103 Upper Body

How It Felt: The ride felt really good, and Body Pump left me feeling noodley but strong.

Commentary: Ready to Run says being hydrated is important, obviously. It also says you should add electrolytes to your water because it aids in hydration. I looked in stores and online for electrolyte mixes, and damn, they are expensive!

Hopefully nobody at work thinks I have a baggy of cocaine…

Being the DIYer that I am, I looked up a recipe for electrolyte mix. I didn’t want anything with sugar or low-calorie sweetener, and I didn’t care if any flavorings were added. I just wanted electrolytes. I found an easy recipe with three simple ingredients – baking soda, Morton’s Salt Lite, and Epsom salt – in a 4:1:1 ratio.

You get sodium from the baking soda and Salt Lite, and the Salt Lite also has potassium. The Epsom salt provides the magnesium. The recipe said to add 3/8 teaspoon of the mix to 16 oz of water. Unless I’m really working out, I feel like I don’t need that much electrolytes, so I’m adding 1/4 teaspoon to my 24 oz water bottle for everyday drinking. I mixed up about three works of electrolytes for less than a dollar. Winning!

My real bike saddle is sooooo much more comfortable and allows blood flow to my lady bits.

This morning I also changed out the saddle on my spin bike. The one that came with it made my lady bits go numb, which is super not desirable. I took the saddle off my cyclocross bike I don’t use anymore and swapped them out. Now I need to wear bike shorts, but I figure my ass will be ready for long rides by the time spring rolls around.

I’m really digging these iFit rides where the “coach” is riding outside through beautiful places. It makes the ride go by so faster. And it’s still a good interval workout!

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