Good riddance

Date: 11/15/21
Training Day: 1
Activity: Yoga (hamstrings)

How It Felt: I felt a little stiff this morning, and it also seemed like the yoga sequence didn’t have a sufficient warmup for some of the stretches.

Commentary: I “fired” my running coach, but since I already paid for the month of November, he wrote out a training plan until the end of the month for me. As soon as I looked at it this morning I got pissed knew I made the right decision to get rid of him. Let me enumerate the reasons why I think he sucks so bad:

  1. He parceled out my training plan two weeks at a time, and I wouldn’t get the next two weeks until the last fucking day. This made it hard to plan ahead. Annoying.
  2. When we first started working together I gave him a list of the races I’d signed up for. He completely forgot about my Spartan Beast, a half marathon OCR, and scheduled some ridiculous workouts that weekend. Seriously?
  3. I asked one time if I could ride my bike instead of doing a run, and then all of a sudden he starts scheduling bike rides every week. That’s not what I asked for, and I didn’t have the time to do most of them, so I ran instead. In fact, I only did like two rides, and week after week I logged a run instead of a ride, and week after week he kept prescribing rides. W.T.F?!
  4. A few weeks ago I specifically asked if he could stop scheduling bike rides because I usually don’t have the time and the weather is not conducive to riding. My training for the rest of November includes a long ride every Sunday…
  5. For months and had Mondays as a rest day. A couple months ago, Mondays became run days. I asked if they could go back to rest days, and they did, for all of two weeks. What the fuck was the point of communicating with him?!
  6. Like I mentioned in a previous post, not once did he ever check in with me after a race to see how it went. And for months I never gave him any feedback about my runs, and he never asked. Guess that shit’s not important?

The more I think about it, I should have gotten rid of him sooner. I wasted so much money on a “product” I haven’t been happy with for a while. I guess the thought of preparing for an ultra without a running coach made me nervous. But now look at me, this week is my first official week of training for the Zion 50k, and I have no running coach.

Ah well.

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