Warm it up

Date: 11/13/21
Training Day: 61
Miles: 4.1
Shoes: Xero HFS
Weather: Mid 30s

How It Felt: I feel like my old self again! I’m excited to get some longer runs and intervals in next week.

Commentary: Up until this past week, the first five-ish minutes of my run was my warmup. I used to make fun of all the folks warming up before a race. Flinging their legs all over the place, marching around with high knees and whatnot.

Guess it’s time to start making fun of myself too. Now I do a few little exercises beforehand to warm up my joints and T-spine. I’ll be a real runner someday!

I do this lunge twist thing, alternating sides, eight reps each side.

I also bought a few more pairs of toe socks so my toes can be free and spread out. I mainly got them for running, but I would eventually like to replace all my socks with toe socks. That’s a pretty spendy goal, so I’ll probably only buy a pair toe socks when a regular pair shits the bed.

I used to wear toe socks all the time because I thought they looked cool. Now I wear them because they not only look cool, but they let my feetsies be free.

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