Counting calories (ugh)

Date: 3/28/22 & 3/29/22
Training Day: 113 & 114
Miles: 3.1 (walking) & 2.8 miles (treadmill) + 3.2 miles (walking)
Time: 42 min (running)
Shoes: Xero HFS (running)
Activity: Strength

How It Felt: The third strength workout of the week is the least intense, so it wasn’t too bad doing it first thing in the morning. It felt so good to walk and stretch my legs after my long run the day before. The Tuesday run didn’t feel horrible, but I could tell my tootsies and calves were still recovering from the long run.

Commentary: I’ve never been one to fret about the number on the scale. When I first started working my current job I weighed about the same I do now, but my clothes were tight. Now, they’re just a little snug. That’s because I barely had any lean muscle back then, and I have significantly more now. But the body comp scan I did on Friday got me thinking about the extra fat I’ve been lugging around since the foodscapades.

While I’m not 100% sure if the weight I gained was purely fat, I did gain about seven pounds. I know, that’s not a lot of weight. But then again, considering my small frame, it kind of is. Seven pounds isn’t chump change when I think about having to haul it 34 miles over the Continental Divide in July.

Downloaded an 80/20 zone widget to my watch, and it makes it easier to keep track of what zone in.

Will losing weight help my speed? Maybe? But I can’t help but think that carrying around seven pounds less will make my running a wee easier.

Monday I started counting calories, which one of my least favorite things to do. I could work out a shit ton more and not change my eating habits, but I don’t want to push myself and end up injured. So, counting calories it is! And from now on I’m also trying really, really, really hard to avoid processed food and excessive sweets. Easier said than done.

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  1. muscle and fat are two different things….back when I lived my life pumping iron, I thought great I’m gaining muscle, but all the protein powder did was make me took a picture of myself back then to teach me that….but, muscle does weigh more than fat, muscle bumps up our metabolic stuff so burns more good calories..and stronger, so you’ll be fine

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