Asphalt hurts

Date: 3/26/22 & 3/27/22
Training Day: 111 & 112
Miles: 4.1 & 11.25
Time: 55 min & 145 min
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5 & Xero HFS
Weather: Mid to high 60s

How It Felt: Saturday’s run felt quite nice after getting my ass kicked during the LTHR test. Sunday’s run felt good for the first 90 minutes, then my tootsies started to hurt a bit. But the rest of me still felt good!

Commentary: The idea was to do my long run on Saturday and a short run on Sunday along with my third strength workout of the week. My husband and I spent Friday night just outside of Boise because we didn’t get done with dinner and running around town until after 7pm. After the rock fall incident the last time we were out this way, we didn’t want to chance driving the mountain roads in the dark.

Nothing like fishing with your amazing cat!

Saturday we took our time heading out into the mountains. The goal was to fish the Payette River and perhaps run somewhere around it. We knocked out the fishing, but there was still too much snow on the ground for me to run. Could I have run? Yes. Did I want to run for nearly 2.5 hours in snow, slush and mud? No.

Eventually we meandered down to lower elevations and found a suitable place for me to run, but by that time it was 4pm. So, I did a shorter run instead just to get a run in.

She used to be scared of rivers, so I was pretty proud of Oreo.

By the time we got home on Sunday and I got all my poop in a group and down to the Greenbelt for my run, it was already 1:30pm. I figured the Greenbelt wouldn’t be the worst place to do my run. Wrong! I’m definitely not meant to run on asphalt for that long. Note to self: do all long runs on trails. My feet started to hurt an hour and a half in, and it just got worse. But on a positive note, I did keep my heart rate in Zone 2 for all but 30 seconds of the run!

Immediately after the run I felt pretty darn good aside from my feet. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how much the run took out of me. I’d planned on doing a strength workout, but I just didn’t have the energy. Instead of skipping my third strength workout of the week, I pushed it off to Monday. Close enough, right? Ooooo, and the compression socks I ordered came in (they’re tie dye print!), so I put those bad boys on to help my recovery from the long asphalt run.


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