Spiritual vs convenience

Date: 3/2/22
Training Day: 87
Miles: 4.4 (intervals, treadmill)
Time: 51 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: The intervals were a wee rough, but I felt really good afterwards, so there’s that.

Commentary: Before Vegas I was finally sleeping better, but now that’s a thing of the past. I’m back to sleeping like shit, and it makes me sad. This weekend I plan to stick to my normal bedtime and wake up times to see if that helps.

Last night after my workout I finally did some mobility work! I busted out the foam roller and hit my hips, quads and IT bands. Then I voodoo flossed my feet, ankles and calves. Is voodoo flossed the right way to say it? I could tell the difference during my run today, so hopefully that’ll be enough motivation to keep it up.

While stretching after my run I noticed my left hip is surprisingly tight. My right hip used to be the tight one, but I guess they’re taking turns. This got me thinking that I should probably get back to my yoga goal and actually do some yoga. It’s already March, and I’ve only done yoga three times this year! So much for once a week!

Down Dog provides so much customization!

I subscribed to Yoga Anytime because I wanted yoga videos that had more of a spiritual aspect to it. But I think this might be what has been deterring me. Not the spiritual aspect, but using Yoga Anytime.

Unlike the Down Dog app, I have to scroll through the different videos to find one I want to do. Since I’m training, I prefer to find videos that are targeting my problem areas, which can take time. Then I have to find one that is the right length for the amount of time I have.

With Down Dog, I just select the area I want to focus on, the length of time I want to spend, and poof! It generates a custom class for me. While I do miss the spiritual aspect of yoga when using Down Dog, I think the convenience is hard to beat. Looks like I’ll be switching back!

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