Still recovering

Date: 3/1/22
Training Day: 86
Miles: 2.6 (strides, treadmill)
Time: 35 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength – Power

How It Felt: The run felt a little rough. I’m probably still recovering from the weekend. The strength workout felt pretty darn good though!

Commentary: My sleep schedule got all out of whack because of the concert. The earliest I managed to go to bed while in Vegas was midnight Idaho time. And the earliest I got up was 7am Idaho time. I also drank a couple of beers in the sunshine on Sunday after my run. Between the sleep and beers, I think my body is still recovering.

I’m also super behind on homework because I spent all of last week working on a presentation for one class. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? I also have to write my statements for my grad school application and get that submitted. So much to do!

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  1. my workouts seems to be derailed this week, lots of shoveling snow at home and at my parents place and I’m done with winter…so at least you’re getting out and running, may help motivate me

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    • I’m done with winter too. Shoveling snow is good exercise, but I don’t know if it helps with running, lol. I want to move somewhere warmer, but then it’ll probably be too hot in the summers.


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