Fattening foodscapades

Date: 2/12/22
Training Day: 69
Miles: 2.3 (treadmill)
Time: 32 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength – Strength Capacity

How It Felt: My calves started tightening up during the run, and I don’t know why because the incline was at 0% for most of the run. Other than that, the run felt good, and I kept my heartrate at or less than 140 bpm almost the entire time! The strength workout felt pretty darn good as well!

Commentary: Friday night I started feeling nauseous, probably from stuffing my face like a fat kid at dinner. It probably didn’t help that I had chocolate and fruit snacks afterwards. By Saturday morning I was feeling better, thankfully, because I had two workouts to get in!

After my workouts I baked a delicious blackberry cobbler (I accidentally used twice as much butter, but that’s never a bad thing), and we headed over to my work get together.

Nothing like iFit fucking with me first thing in the morning. See that? No stats? I had to reset the app to get it to work. So annoying…

There were over 30 people there, and everyone brought food. Not that any of us needed to bring food because Grandma Maestas, my boss’ wife, made a shit ton of food. Like enough to feed a small army. Most of us ate until we couldn’t breathe, including me. I mean, how was I supposed to resist that third helping of flan?

My husband and I rolled out of there with super full bellies, three to-go boxes of food that Grandma Maestas insisted we take, a large container of salsa, and about a third of the cobbler. We plopped on the couch and watched Santa Clarita Diet for two solid hours before I decided I needed to at least stretch my legs.

These stupid badges make me happy for some reason.

At that time I realized we had a game night to go to in 30 minutes, so we got ready for that. I won’t get into details, but we left early because my friend’s wife is a less than desirable person to be around for any extended period of time. But while we were there, our fat asses had some amazing buffalo chicken dip.

Needless to say, I felt like a tub by the time I went to bed. And I am visibly gaining weight from my foodscapades. You know what though? I don’t give a shit! As long as I go back to eating like a normal person after Galentine’s brunch on Sunday, I know I’ll be fine. I workout enough to burn off what I’ve packed on. And you know what else? The food has been 100% worth it!

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