Enjoyable day

Date: 2/11/22
Training Day: 68
Miles: 2.4 (treadmill)
Time: 35 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: Taking it easy actually felt pretty good! I did one of the iFit runs with ActivePulse so that I couldn’t push myself. There was only about 3-4 minutes where my heart rate went into what Garmin calls my Zone 4.

Commentary: Today was one of those days that started with the best of intentions. I made a to-do list, which primarily consisted of cleaning the house because I’ve putting it off for way too long. But nothing on my list got done.

I sat down on my workout room floor to make my list, and the cat jumped in my lap. Obviously I can’t go anywhere with a cat in my lap. So, I sat there and fucked around on my phone, enjoying kitty snuggles. I have all day to get shit done. Then my friend texted me and told me we couldn’t do our movie night on Saturday. He asked if we could do it during the day today. So much for having all day.

After an hour, I finally got up and did my run. Around the time I was finishing up my run, my husband was getting ready to go to the indoor golf place. I decided to go with him and do homework while he played. At least I could get kisses between shots.

My tattoo artist inspired me to bust out my fanny pack again. I forgot how much I love that thing!

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur. We watched Tombstone with my friend, and I still love that movie. Then my husband and I acted like goofballs and laughed our asses off together for probably a solid two hours. No regrets there! By that time I was craving sushi, so we went to dinner and stuffed ourselves stupid.

To help ourselves digest, we wandered around the thrift store so I could find a hoodie. Then we went grocery shopping. It seemed smart to go when we were full, but our inner fat kids still got the best of us. Oh well. Now it’s couch time, and probably ice cream later.

Do I wish I had accomplished at least one thing on my list today? Yeah. But I love days like this where all my worries and responsibilities are somewhere else, and I just get to enjoy the day.

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