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Date: 2/13/22
Training Day: 70
Activity: Strength – Strength Capacity

How It Felt: The workout felt good overall, but I still despise the planks with leg lifts.

Commentary: Thank goodness I knocked out my strength training before Galentine’s brunch. I had all intentions of doing my run in the afternoon when it was relatively warm and sunny on the Greenbelt. I knew it would be test of my dedication since brunch was a five-course meal, but I had faith in myself. Until I discovered brunch including wine pairing with each course.

While the wine pairing threw me for a loop, I still had faith in myself. I had the server bring a pitcher of water to the table so I could stay hydrated. Brunch started at 10am, but we didn’t get the first course until 10:45am. I planned on brunch being about two hours, but it looked like it’d be closer to three. I started to lose hope that I would get my run in.

One of the ladies brought arts and crafts supplies to brunch!

Halfway through brunch, someone ordered a bottle of wine for the table. After the main course was served I bought a bottle of wine for the table. During dessert, one of the ladies invited us all over for a soak in her hot tub. I abandoned all hope at getting a run in.

The best part is I have no regrets. Missing a long run is not wise when it comes to training, but it’s only Week 5 of training. That means I still have 21 more weeks to train, and the last 16 weeks are the ones that really count. So, I have five more weeks to keep building my base before it’s time to get serious.

Honestly, I’m proud of myself for skipping my run to have fun with a group of amazing women. It felt good to not miss out on an opportunity to make memories. My training isn’t any less important, and my dedication to my training isn’t any less, but I’m more dedicated to my overall life. And I like that.

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  1. yeah, we all hate planks..I cannot do a side plank to save my life..I’m a runner, upper body strength even with swimming a lot, I don’t have….try downward dog with leg lift (that sounds gross) by that I actually like

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