Days to nights to days

Date: 1/11/22 & 1/12/22
Training Day: 37 & 38
Miles: 2.2 (strides, treadmill)
Time: 30 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength – Hypertrophy

How It Felt: Because of the days-to-nights transition I so wasn’t feeling like running, but I did anyway, and I’m glad. The strides were only 20 seconds each 8x, but man did it feel good to go fast! Well, fast is a relative term these days. The strength workout was good as well.

Because of the nights-to-days transition and being beyond exhausted, I decided against doing intervals today. I swapped the Wednesday 40-minute interval for the Thursday 30-minute recovery run.

Commentary: Not long after I got home from work last night I took about a four-hour nap. Then I got up and fucked around for way too long. At 5am I finally got the energy to do my run and workout. Then I spent a solid half hour with the foam roller on my legs. Magical. At a little after 9am, when I should have been going to bed, I was wide awake. Thanks circadian rhythm.

I managed to doze off and sleep for a fitful 3.5 hours before waking up at 2pm. After over a half an hour of trying to fall back asleep I woke up and started cooking bacon for our nightshift breakfast feast.

My gratefulness app tried to help me reframe my perspective.

My chauffer and I got to turnover early, at 6:15pm, so we could feast on grilled cheese and tomato soup before relieving the dayshift folks. To my horror and epic disappointment, there was ZERO FUCKING FOOD MADE WHEN WE GOT THERE! Those of us on nights didn’t eat before coming in because days was supposed to make us food.

The senior days guy saw me and my disappointment through the fishbowl (the window separating our control room and the conference room we use for feasting) when I walked in. He said his heart nearly broke, like when you were a teenager and your father gave you that look after you got home late from a night of drinking. He apologized as he left Tuesday night and again when he came in Wednesday morning.

Other than the obvious, he felt horrible because the last two shiftwork episodes I was on days and he was on nights, and each time I prepared enough dinner deliciousness to feed both days and nights. I’m thinking I should use this as leverage to be on days next time we do shiftwork.

My kitten helped me work from home. She’s the best!

Anyway, our engineers stepped up and made grilled cheeses for us. Our senior guy brought in enough food to make put the three of us in a food coma, so we didn’t go hungry. We also did a mini energy drink tasting, which meant we all shared two different energy drinks. And right before dayshift showed up we started cooking bacon and waffles.

By the time I got home I looked and felt like death warmed over. After chatting with the hubster for a bit I laid down in bed for a power nap. Just as I was about to doze off Agador, our basement Roomba, busted in like the Kool-Aid man and began running into the bed frame as he cleaned our room. I let him finish his work before closing my eyes.

The nap was only 30 minutes long because I was afraid to sleep longer, and it was filled with fucking weird dreams. I blame the energy drinks. The rest of the day was filled with working from home and doing homework. I got to bed at 7:30pm. I wanted to go to bed earlier, but there was just too much to do.

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