Listening to me

Date: 1/3/22
Training Day: 29
Miles: 1.7
Shoes: Xero HFS (walking, treadmill)

How It Felt: I am sore today! At first I thought it was from the strength workout yesterday, but I think it might be from the intervals. Walking was just what I needed to warm up so I could stretch out.

Commentary: I had big ideas for today. I was going to hop on the spin bike, do some yoga, start decorating the yoga room, and get lunches prepped the week. I woke up, curled up on my chaise with the cat and a cup of hot tea, and sat there for three hours. The whole time I tried to convince myself to get going.

I couldn’t possibly get up with Oreo in my lap.

One of the things that came to me during the sound bath was to listen to my body, and to listen to myself. You know, that little voice in your head, the reasonable one, that tells you take it easy while the gung-ho, goal-driven voice tells you to go, go go! Today I finally listened to myself.

Myself was telling me to take a break. My told me it was tired, and it didn’t want to pedal. My mind told me it wasn’t quite ready for its first kundalini yoga practice. It also told me it didn’t want to think about decorating. All of me was telling me to relax. So I did.

Yes, in the early afternoon I got the motivation to get moving on the treadmill a bit, and I’m glad I did. I found an iFit walking workout called Learning to Listen. The coach focuses primarily on mind-body stuff, and the focus of the workout was listening to your body. Fortuitous or fate? Either way, it was just what I needed.

Not only am I proud of myself for listening to myself, but I’m also proud that I didn’t start feeling down or guilty for not accomplished what I’d hoped to. My spin bike isn’t going anywhere. The yoga practice is still available to me online. And honestly, I think I accomplished more today than I set out to because I took care of myself instead focusing on achieving a goal or to-do list.

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