Isenguard Ultra

Date: 12/18/21
Training Day: 13
Miles: 65.35 official, 73-ish unofficial (iFit indoor bike ride)
Movies Watched: The River Runner, Spy, and Begin Again

How It Felt: I probably could have gone further if my rump didn’t hurt so bad! My legs were pretty sore afterwards though.

Commentary: I started the day off working on the yoga room. I busted out the lighter purple and started painting. In case there wasn’t enough primer or I hated the color, I started with the small area behind the door. Good thing, too, because after I got done with the stuff that required a brush I realized the purple wasn’t light enough by a long shot. This is why people get samples instead of whole gallons.

So, I made a trip back to Lowe’s and got a lighter purple along with a few succulents for the room when it’s done. Then I realized I needed to eat and get my poop in a group for the Isenguard Ultra.

Too much purple, if you know what I mean.

Each year the local trail running club puts on The Bad Ideas of Winter. The kick off event is the Isenguard Ultra. It started when a bunch of the running club folks got together and watched the LOTR trilogy with running on treadmills, cycling on spin bikes, and doing other various exercises. LOTR is how the event got its name.

I do not like LOTR. Don’t hate me! I watched about 45 minutes of the first one because I fell asleep in the theater. It’s just not my jam. Instead of participating in person and torturing myself with the movies, I opted to do it on my own on my spin bike.

Tots for breakfast to fuel me through the Isenguard Ultra.

According to the event rules, two miles on a bike is one mile running. I know better – three bike miles to one running mile. For it to be considered an ultra (per the event) you need to complete at least 31 miles. Rather than doing a cheesy 31 miles and called it good, I thought I’d shoot for 100 miles.

In iFit I created a 100-mile ride in New Zealand. As you ride it shows you where you’re riding via Google Street View.

I started at 11:30am so I could done early enough to relax a couple of hours before bed. Around noon my mom texted me. While trying to get from my text messages back to iFit I accidently lost all my progress! A little over eight miles, poof, gone! Sure, I could have counted them anyway, but I wanted to see all the miles in one workout.

So, I started over. Then about 38 miles in I must of hit something on my phone because it saved my workout and exited out of the Isenguard Ultra route. It kept the timer, mileage, and all that, but I no longer had cool New Zealand sights to gaze upon. And the data for the ride was all weird. Like everything I did before the save didn’t exist except for overall stats, like mileage, calories burned, etc.

My kitten kept me company for at least half the ride. She’s the best!

Anyway, since it was just a manual workout after that, I bumped the resistance down to save my legs. Still, I didn’t make it the whole 100 miles. My ass hurt so bad! Breaks were becoming more frequent, and I couldn’t sit in the saddle for more than a minute at time. As much as I wanted to keep going, I called it quits.

I hobbled to the bathroom, started an Epsom salt bath, and ordered some Thai food for pick up. My wonderful husband went and got it for me. I even splurged and ate some ice cream afterwards!

My kitten checking to make sure I didn’t die, or she was just being a curious cat.

Although I didn’t hit 100 miles, I’m still pretty proud of myself. The last time I spent that much time in the saddle was a decade ago. It’s got me itching to do more riding. If only work wasn’t so far away and I didn’t sign up for so many ultras.

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