Decent sleep & good ride

Date: 12/14/21
Training Day: 9
Miles: 11.5 (iFit indoor bike ride)

How It Felt: I upped the effort today, and it felt good to push myself a bit.

Commentary: Guess who finally slept a little bit better last night! This girl! Had my Sleepytime before bed and did a meditation that’s supposed to promote deep sleep. I didn’t wake up feeling refreshed, but I felt like I was asleep the whole time, so that’s good.

This morning I did a slightly longer ride. As far as cross training goes, cycling to running is a 3:1 ratio. So my half an hour ride is equivalent to ten minutes of running. If I want to start ramping up and getting ready to start training, I need to up my cycling time.

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  1. ditto, think it was the run and spin combo yesterday that knocked me out…..I’ve tried Melatonon…just makes me feel groggy in the mornings…..journalling does help clear my head sometimes, but, somenights the head is just to full…

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