Elusive sleep

Date: 12/13/21
Training Day: 8
Activity: Strength – Foundation

How It Felt: The workout this morning felt really good! It was just challenging enough.

Commentary: Good sleep continues to elude me. Last night I journaled before bed. I wrote down three things I was grateful for in my gratitude journal. I read my book. I even meditated for a few minutes before turning off the light. And still, I slept like shit.

Because of the COVID, I bought these pills that are supposed to help your lungs and heart repair themselves. I’m not sure if anything in there could be causing my sleep problems, so I plan to avoid them for a couple of days to find out.

My weird but adorable cat hanging out with me during my workout.

Tonight after work I plan to stop by the store and pick up some Sleepytime tea to drink before bed to see if that helps. Something has got to give. I’m tired of being tired!

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  1. sleep has been driving me bananas….I’ve tried reading, the journal……..stop coffee/tea before 6, but my head keeps racing every night….maybe its the change in the weather, or lots on my mind..managed a run this morning after no sleep, but it’s gonna be a long tired all day, day

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