Frustrated pedaling

Date: 11/21/21
Training Day: 7
Miles: 25 (iFit indoor bike ride)
Activity: Body Pump #106 Upper Body

How It Felt: The ride itself felt really good, but some malfunction with either the iFit ride, my phone, the spin bike, or Bluetooth connection had me furious! And my glutes and hammies are sore from yesterday, so that’s a good sign! The upper body workout felt good.

Commentary: Today was my first opportunity to use my new heart rate monitor with my spin bike. I was so excited! As soon as the ride started my excitement turned to frustration because of technology.

So, my HRM and phone pair to the bike via Bluetooth. Both paired, no problem. Yay! About a minute into the ride my phone tells me the Bluetooth connection is lost and it’s trying to reconnect. It never did. I had to stop the ride, close out the app, and start all over. Boo!

Kinda glad I didn’t have to see this dude’s overly happy face during the ride.

Throughout the ride the Bluetooth connection was lost for 1-2 seconds about three times a minute. This didn’t impact the ride itself, but it annoyed the fuck out of me! There was also another weird bug.

The last three rides I’ve done I’ve adjusted the resistance to something a little more challenging. When I did that, a little button would pop up on the screen that said something like, “Follow Trainer”. When I tap the button it adjusts the resistance to that of the ride. This was not the case with today’s ride.

Today, the button popped up once, for like five seconds, in the entire 1.5 hour ride. I would raise the resistance, then resistance would drop down to that of the ride. Then I would raise it, then it would drop down. This happened every time I adjusted resistance. I cursed at my phone and the bike throughout the ride.

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