Another day

Date: 1/19/23
Training Week: 1
Time: 57 min
Mobility/Stretching: Ish
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: Thursday the run had more elevation than the hour-long run on Tuesday. I made sure to take it easy and not push myself too hard. But it was also an interval run. During the first five-minute interval I took it easy because I didn’t feel warmed up yet. Then I did the rest of them but still took the easy-ish. My heart rate got about 150 bpm, my threshold between light- and medium-intensity, but I kept it in Zone X (80/20 running heart rate zones).

Afterward, I had a PT session, and it was nothing new. More scraping and a few exercises from my homework. Instead of working in my in-town office the rest of the day, I went home. I still wasn’t feeling all that great emotionally because of Oreo.

She sat on the chaise behind my desk/dining table while I worked, which made me happy. During breaks, I’d give her some pets and scratches. While giving her some pets during one of the breaks, I noticed a bit of loose fur on her chest. Sometimes a scab will fall off and take the hair with it, but there was no scab. I looked closer, and she had a bald spot on her lower throat/upper chest, like where that soft spot is on a human directly above their sternum.

My poor baby!

Of course, this not only freaked me out, but it dampened my already dreary mood even more. With a quick a GoogleBox search I discovered that fur loss is normal for a hyperactive thyroid. Is my beautiful kitten going to lose more fur?

On Wednesday I contacted a homeopathic vet asking for advice on what to give Oreo. They responded with a list of questions to better help them treat her. Thursday I responded to all their questions and attached her labs and a picture of her little bald spot.

The plan was to do a cardio strength workout in the afternoon, but according to my watch, my stress levels were sky-high all day. Granted, my stress levels were sky-high all day Wednesday as well. Anyway, to not push my body too hard and ease back into training, I skipped the second workout. Perhaps it was just an excuse to cuddle with my kitten more. I mean, in less than a week I’ll be running a 50k, and my body isn’t ready for that.

Question of the Day: Do you have any races coming up in the next couple of weeks?

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