Here we go again!

Date: 1/16/23
Training Week: 1 (Aww yeah!)
Activity: Yoga
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck, so it made yoga interesting. Today is officially my first day restarting training, so why not start it off with a rest/recovery day? Also, my legs are super sore from Les Mills Tone, so I guess that means I got a good workout!

So, tomorrow is my first run in Part 2 of Tommy Riv’s 10k training series. I shall not lie – I am nervous, as in I don’t feel ready. The run is about an hour long, and the last time I ran that long my tootsies were not happy afterward. I also plan to do a treadmill hike after work tomorrow, you know, work hard on hard days and keep it easy on recovery days. I hope it won’t be too much. Maybe I’ll skip the hikes until after my 50k to give my body more time to adapt.

When my husband and I went to Costco this weekend I stumbled upon some paleo tortillas made with almond flour and decided to give them a try. I cooked up some spicy Impossible sausage, roasted some veggies, and made “tacos” for lunch today. Not bad!

Today is a virtual training day, and so far it’s been pretty slow. Plenty of breaks. I appreciate this because it’s given me time to do laps around the building to get steps in. And by around the building, I mean cruising from one end of a floor to the other. Then I go up the stairs, cruise, up the stairs to the top floor, cruise, down the stairs… You get the idea.

I also spent most of the day standing at my desk. My feet are a wee sore, and after about three hours my lower back started hurting. I sat down for lunch, and that little break reset my lower back.

Let me tell you what, having a whole hard-walled office to myself is amazing. I have plenty of room to do my PT mobility stretches. The small “meeting” table is covered with my stuff, and I used my old desk as a taco assembly area. I see why people covet hard-walled offices and despise cubicles. I have all the privacy, especially since my door has a keycode lock!

Question of the Day: A looong time ago I attempted to start asking a question at the end of every post, and that lasted all of about two days. So, here we go again!

How do you go about ramping up your training after being a slug? I apologize if you’re never a slug, and I envy you as well.

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  1. oddly enough lately I’ve been wondering what a slug would taste like…never mind, it began with a conservation about eating crickets…it’s a struggle…up until COVID i was like clockwork, every wednesday and sunday I ran, for like 25 years, COVID and my run club shut down…since I’ve had good weeks, and weeks that have gone great…lots of friends, and, well, a good friend to run with helps…

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    • I don’t have any friends that run, and really, I don’t hang out with many people in general. But I think I’m back on track for now. Unless I catch the bug that’s going around…


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