Water bottle science experiment

Date: 1/17/23
Training Week: 1
Time: 56 min (easy run) + 30 min (walking)
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: This morning I woke up all on my own six minutes before my alarm went off! For once I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted and unwilling to get out of bed. The bags under my eyes didn’t reflect how great I felt when I woke up, but that’s okay.

For my run this morning I took it easy. Like super easy, slow-ish pace. On the steeper inclines, I walked just like I would in real life. I felt pretty good at the end, so I think it was wise to take it easy. Pushing myself hard isn’t going to make me ready for a 50k in 11 days. In fact, I’d be more likely to hurt myself.

I was at my work desk for three hours before walking to class, and I sat down the whole time! WTF Christina?! Perhaps I should put a sticky note on my desk reminding me to stand until it becomes a habit. I didn’t even get a change to stand at my desk after class because I was stuck at the school computer lab until the end of the workday waiting for an enormous file to download. At least I got a walk in.

Now let me tell you about my water bottle science experiment. I’ve been adding apple cider vinegar to one bottle of water a day. After I finished my apothecary concoction, I added some ACV to my bottle, then my electrolyte mix. It fizzed like crazy. Oh yeah, vinegar and baking soda… Yesterday, I added the vinegar, filled up my water bottle, and then added the electrolytes.

When I took my first sip I noticed it tasted funny, so I turned to the GoogleBox. When baking soda and vinegar react, it forms sodium acetate and carbonic acid. The carbonic acid quickly decomposes into water and carbon dioxide (bubbles and fizzing!). I tried to find information on drinking diluted sodium acetate, but I couldn’t find anything. To be safe, I dumped my science experiment and refilled it with plain water.

Upon further GoogleBoxing later in the day, I discovered that you can drink baking soda mixed with vinegar. Oh well.

Question of the Day: Do you add anything to your water? Tell me what you add and why, or why you don’t add anything.

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