Silly day at work

Date: 12/22/22
Training Day: Week 7, Day 4
Miles: 2.5 (treadmill, easy run)
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: No because of silly work

Commentary: Tuesday night I actually slept pretty good, and I felt rested when I woke up Wednesday morning. Halfway through the workday our division director told us to work from home the rest of the day. I contemplated running when I was done with work, but I thought it best to take it easy instead of getting back to it the first day that I felt okay. So, I played my new game, Stray instead.

There was a rumor we would get out of work as soon as we were done with our work for the day. If we did, I planned on running before my husband and I hit the road to head to my dad’s. But at 4am I woke up and suddenly thought about my next race. Ugh, I’ve barely been running. The two times I did it was a little rough. I have plenty of time until… Holy schnikies! My race is in a month!!! I NEED TO RUN MORE!!! I hopped out of bed to get a run in.

Got new shorts. Women’s version on the left, men’s version on the right. I like the men’s because they’re shorter, but I like the higher split of the women’s.

I decided to only run for a half an hour because I want to ease back into it to avoid feeling like poo again. I got on the treadmill and turned on my Shokz OpenRun. Connected. I tapped on the Bluetooth connections on my treadmill to connect my HRM, and my headphones showed they weren’t connected. I clicked on them to connect, but it didn’t work. Then it hit me – my headphones were connected to my laptop because that’s the last device I connected them to.

I love my Shokz because I can still hear everything going on around me, so I use them for everything. But they always connect to the last device they were connected to. This seems normal and all well and good, but then I have to find that device to disconnect the headphones if it’s not the device I currently want to use. It’s annoying to say the least, but mostly when I want to connect to my treadmill. So, I think I might buy the cheap Shokz OpenMove just for my treadmill. Maybe.

In other news, it was -12F in town when I left for carpool, and -18F when we got to work. Fuck this weather and the weak ass polar vortex! I can’t wait to leave town tonight even though the temps in Idaho Falls are forecasted to rise starting tomorrow. I am so ready to quit my job so I have the option of relocating to a warmer climate during the winter. I’m already ready to not have a job so I can do all the things I want to do. And not even fun, adventurous things. Things like finishing my data analytics certificate through Coursera, learning more about Python for data analysis and GIS, learning different data visualization platforms, and updating my resume and personal website. Work is holding me back!

Work is also silly as fuck, and today was a beyond silly day. Tomorrow the entire site starts curtailment, meaning INL shuts down until after the new year. Most of the folks from our facility were either already on vacation or working from home. Our “parent” facility was similarly staffed. The desert looked like a desert. We had one evolution on the schedule for the day, and with fingers crossed we set about our task at hand hoping to leave as soon as we were done.

This evolution involved one of our cranes. The same crane we have been bitching about for two months because it constantly drops the connection with the radio control box. It finally got so bad we couldn’t use it anymore. Our supervisor told us to stop work, and we all got our hopes up thinking we were about to be set free.

Instead, they called in the maintenance manager to sign for a work order so we could install a corded crane control box. Once he arrived, the whole evolution took maybe 30 minutes. That couldn’t have waited until after curtailment? Then our supervisor dropped the bomb. We had to wait out the rest of the “work” day with zero work to do. Merry fucking Christmas to us.

Did we go too far?

Misery loves company, so we all gathered around the conference table, playing on our phones, bitching, and trying to brainstorm ways to make time go by faster. First, we “decorated” our dear coworker’s office. Then we took one of his safety boots, lined with a garbage bag, filled the bag with water, and put the boot in the freezer. That occupied us for all of an hour.

By 2pm I felt the need to eat away my boredom, and my five fellow operators agreed. We were told the fridge needed to be clean before we left for the day, so we ate the rest of the food in the fridge and freezer even though none of it was ours. We feasted on taquitos, flautas, cheese, pepperoni, gelato, chips, dip, and otter pops. At one point a bag of elk jerky appeared. Oh, and we smashed a Costco-sized container of cookies that our awesome electrician brought in with holiday spirit.

This silly day is by far one of the silliest days I have ever spent at work. It’s also the first Thursday we haven’t gone home early the day before curtailment. By the time I got home and started loading the van, it felt like midnight. Thank the stars I woke up early to run!

Fresh off the toe!

Holy Hannah! I almost forgot! How could I forget?!?! MY TOENAIL FINALLY FELL OFF! It happened last night. The toe itself looks strange, but there’s already a toenail growing underneath. This evening I took a gander at the nail, and it has shrank! It looks like an orange peel that dried up – the same but drier and smaller. Anyway, it’s nice to not worry about the damn thing anymore!

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