Sick(?), tired & computer glasses

Date: 12/20/22

I’ve been sleeping like poo lately, and even though I got extra sleep last night I don’t feel any better or rested. Is it because I started running again? Is it because it’s like no degrees outside these days? It is that time of year where infectious bugs and viruses are floating around, so maybe I caught one. Who knows.

What I do know is I just want to fucking train! I want to run. I want to workout. And I want to do it without feeling like shit. Is that so much to ask?!?! Obviously it is, which leaves me frustrated.

This morning I woke up with enough time to take a shower before work, which I really wanted to do. As I took my socks off I looked at my bandages on Little Shit (my friend and I have named my jank toenail). If I showered, I’d have to leave the bandaid on to shower so I didn’t accidentally rip the toenail off. After the shower I’d have to dry it off, wait until most of the residual moisture evaporated whilst doing nothing so I didn’t accidentally rip it off, pack all the toenail nooks and crannies with antibiotic cream, and then bandage it up so it wouldn’t accidentally rip off. No shower for me because I didn’t have enough time for that shit!

Notice how most everything to do with my toenail involves preventing it from accidentally ripping off? Just think how much easier my life would have been if the last urgent care doc would have removed the damn thing. I could have showered this morning!!! But no. I supposed I could put my toenail in the hands of fate and not bandage it. Within an hour I’m sure the toenail would no longer be attached. There might be some blood. And some pain. But I would be done with it. Too bad I’m too much of a wuss. Sigh.

I contemplated doing my strength workout this even like I’d planned, but I have zero energy. Maybe if I rest tonight and take a full recovery day (after a mere two days in a row of working out, how pathetic), I’ll sleep better tonight and feel better tomorrow? A girl can dream.

Did I ever talk about my computer glasses fiasco? I don’t think so. Let me fill you in. A couple of months ago I discovered I could get computer (blue light) glasses through work, for work. I emailed the lady in charge of the program to find out how to get them, and did what she told me.

My computer glasses arrived at our receiving warehouse, and all hell broke loose. The email chain when something like this… Can she order these? Yeah, as long as they don’t cost too much. Does she need to fill out the voucher request form? I don’t know, let’s ask her admin lady that ordered them to see if a voucher was filled out. Hi, I’m the one who requested the glasses, here is the email conversation I had with the lady in charge of the program, I did exactly as she said, and I ordered the glasses she recommended. Mind you, I forwarded this email conversation to the eight people on this ridiculous email chain. One of them was a division director who probably had way better things to do than read about my computer glasses fiasco. The response to my email?

Sounds like we need some clarification.

What. The. Fuck. As politely as possible, I replied asking what clarification was needed when I did exactly as the lady in charge of the glasses program told me to do and even ordered the ones she specifically recommended. Finally, an intelligent person in the email chain who also happened to be a supervisor replied, “Team please deliver Christina her glasses.” Victory! By the time I got this email the whole admin building was aware of the drama, and we all rejoiced at my victory.

Over a month later, they finally delivered my glasses.

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