Random dirt road run

Date: 12/23/22
Training Day: Week 7, Day 5
Miles: 5 (easy run w/strides)
Mobility/Stretching: No, sigh
Ate Well: Ha! Of course not.

Commentary: The diesel heater in the van has been unhappy and thus throws an error whenever we turn it on. So, I dozed awkwardly in the passenger seat of the van for a few hours. Then I spent a couple of hours spacing out on the dark road until we stopped at the rest area for a nap. Thankfully, it was 30°F warmer at the rest area than in Idaho Falls, so Jeremy and I were quite cozy snuggled up together.

A short 4.5 hours later, we were up and on the road again. For one reason or another, I opened my calendar and gazed upon my race schedule. Shit! I need to run today! I spent the next half hour perusing possible trails on AllTrails, looking for a place to patter my feet. Eventually I gave up and settled on the dirt road off the next exit.

I like driving during the day better because you can see the beautiful scenery.

Other than on ramps and off ramps, the only roads around the exit were dirt. Perfect. The temperature on the van’s dash read a balmy 37°F with sun shining down on us. F–k you Idaho! I tossed on my running gear and took off. And by took off I mean I trotted along at 12 min/mi. Quite respectable considering my average 12:45 min/mi on the treadmill.

A little over a mile into the run I peeled off my long-sleeved wool baselayer and relished in the sun and breeze on my arms. While I ran, the kitten explored and did her little panther thing. My husband tinkered with the diesel heater and got it working better than before even though it still threw an error, but at least now it takes longer.

Marshy little pond from my run.

We made it to my dad’s with an uneventful drive which ended with us getting stuck in the long driveway leading up to the cabin. Nothing a little shoveling and sawdust couldn’t fix though! Then began the “quality time” with my dad, his girlfriend, and all their cats and critters.

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