Rest day with yoga

Date: 12/1/22
Training Day: Week 4, Day 4
Activity: Yoga
Mobility/Stretching: Duh, yoga
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: Usually on no-run days I have a hard time convincing myself to get up early to do anything beneficial. Today was a different day! I woke up early and did 40 minutes of yoga! I chose a hip-focused practice because my hips are tight. Okay, all of me is tight, but I notice my hips the most.

Even though I felt like I slept well, I was unreasonably tired today. But my stress was nice and low all day, so that’s nice. It’s also a little surprising because Visio and I fought each other for half the day.

I’ve been eating a lot more chicken with my healthy eating, and I’m not sure my body likes it. I think I need to cut back on the meat and just eat more vegetables and salad.

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