Puffy arch

Date: 11/30/22
Training Day: Week 4, Day 3
Miles: 3.5 (treadmill, easy run)
Mobility/Stretching: Yes
Ate Well: Yes

Commentary: I have been sleeping well these past few nights, which is amazing. Even though I’ve been getting closer to seven hours of sleep instead of eight, I don’t feel exhausted. I love it!

My run this morning was good because my silly toenail didn’t bother me. Stretching this morning revealed two things. One, I really need to stretch more. It is crazy how much flexibility I’ve lost since the spring. And it kind of hurts. Second, there is something up with my left arch. The archy part closest to my toes looks puffier than the right counterpart. This is probably why a callus is developing on the puffy part.

After my first run in my new Lone Peaks, I was irritated because I thought they caused a hot spot on my left arch. Now I realize it wasn’t the shoes’ fault. What on earth could have caused part of my left arch to become puffier?

In other news, stress is weird, at least the stress measured by my Garmin watch is. Monday and Tuesday my stress during the day was super high. As soon as I lay down for bed, my stress dropped like a rock. Today, I have been beyond grumpy and frustrated with work. On top of that, a bunch of stupid stuff came up that added to my frustration. Yet today my stress was much lower than the two previous days. I don’t get it.

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