Running & not running

Dates: 11/7/22 – 11/13/22
Training Week: 11
Miles: 7.6 (running) + 10 (cycling) = pathetic

Commentary: Monday morning I wanted to get up early to do yoga, but I stayed up too late reading. I’ve watched The Martian over a dozen times, and finally the urge hit me to read the book. From the very first page it sucked me in and made it hard to put down.

Tuesday morning was the big morning. I got up early, put on my running gear and my running shoes and hopped on the treadmill. I chose an iFit run with Tommy Rivs, as usual. I kept the pace easy because I didn’t want to stress the jankle too much. After about 25 minutes I felt a wee niggle in the jankle, so I switched to run-walk. The jankle started to feel better after about 15 minutes and I went back to running.


I may not like doing to the desert for work, but it sure is pretty sometimes.

That evening I did my Volt Athletics strength workout. Since it’s been a while, I added a foundation phase to my strength training program. The workouts are mostly bodyweight, and they kicked my ass! I knew I’d lost a lot of strength, but I didn’t realize how much until that first workout. Building my strength and muscle back up should help with the running. I have a good feeling about Behind the Rocks as long as the jankle cooperates!

Wednesday morning I did an easy iFit ride to give my body some recovery time after the run and strength workout. In the afternoon I had a PT appointment, and my deep core muscles are getting stronger! My dorsiflexion has also improved significantly, especially on the left side now that my jankle is doing better. Next week I’m scheduled to finally do my run assessment! I’m so excited!

My PT doc gave me a stretching stick and lacrosse ball for the mobility exercises he assigned. Pretty grateful my work is willing to provide these things so I don’t have to buy them.

I also registered for the spring semester! I’ll be taking two classes, which I’m happy about because I want to get this degree done sooner than later, but it also means I’ll have no life whatsoever between classes and training. That’s okay, I can recover in the summer, right?

Thursday morning I woke up and realized I didn’t meet my step goal for the day before. There goes my streak. Back to day one. But I did run in the morning, and I ran the whole time! There was a niggle, but not in the jankle. Instead, my arch felt a wee wonky. Huh.

For a few days I felt like I might be on the verge of getting sick, so Friday I forwent my spin workout. I did get my strength workout in even though I was still sore from Tuesday’s workout. Pathetic!

I’ve been telling myself to do yoga this whole year, yet I’ve only practiced three times so far. Sigh. My yoga room turned into “temporary” storage for random things, so Saturday morning I cleaned it up and got ready to practice. Holy cow was I stiff! And by stiff I mean not flexible or stretchy at all. I felt like a frozen rubber band. Maybe this will motivate me to do yoga more often?

Do my blue light glasses make me look nerdy?

Saturday was also supposed to be a run day. Notice I said, “supposed to,” which implies I didn’t run. What could keep me from running when all I’ve wanted to do for the past three weeks is run? Research. That’s what. My professor finally assigned our final project, and I spent most of the day nerding out. Oh, how I love being a student! And that’s not sarcasm.

On Sunday I worked on my final project for ten hours. No, I didn’t run. It’s so crazy to think that just Tuesday I was so excited to run again, and my project completely overshadowed running. But I did do my strength workout, so that’s positive! Next week I need to get some time on my feet because Dead Horse is Saturday!!!

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  1. there’s a book? I’m not going to tell you how many times I’ve watch Matt Damon way too often…and yes, I developed an addiction to really bad disco…
    and yeah, yoga….I know, I know, strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and cardio…it’s like my foam roller, I know I should….but right now it’s being used to hold up this morning’s run gear…..

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