Still no running

Dates: 10/31/22 – 11/6/22
Training Week: 10
Miles: 8.4 (walking) + 47 (cycling)

Commentary: Monday I was exhausted from my late night with Shovels and Rope, but I still felt amazing. For the first time in weeks I was quite productive at work. My GIS lab was also fun. I got to walk around campus and mark the GPS locations of trees. The weather was about as good as it gets this time of year, so I took my time.

During our Moab trip I fluffed up a bit. Not running is taking on a toll on me. Less natural antidepressants. Less calorie burn. Less feelings of accomplishment. More feelings of woe. So, Tuesday morning I got my butt up early and hopped on the spin bike. I also got a ride in on Wednesday morning

I love riding my bike. I also really enjoy spin rides, especially iFit rides with Yuri Hauswald. Lately, I find I enjoy them a little bit less because I know I’m spinning because I can’t run. I need to kick these silly thoughts to the curb! Especially since my legs have been quite tired and sore after my rides. I’m clearly getting in a good workout!

Pic from a ride in Williamsburg, VA.

Wednesday I saw my hippie doctor, and I have a lot of bacteria swimming around my blood. She says that’s another reason I probably feel exhausted and gave me some natural antibiotics. She also suggested using a castor oil pack on my jankle. It consists of an absorbent material cut the size of the problem area soaked in caster oil, placed on the area and covered in plastic with heat applied. She said I’d probably have to do it quite a few times to see results.

Thursday was one of those days. I was still exhausted. My motivation for work disappeared around lunch time. At least when I got home I managed to my PT exercises! Small win! Friday morning I had all intentions of getting up and hopping on the spin bike, but instead I texted with friends, put a caster oil pack on my ankle and enjoyed my coffee. I think I just wanted one morning where I didn’t get up and start doing stuff right away. One morning to just get up and relax.

I kept on relaxing the rest of Friday. I think I needed it because Saturday morning I got up and hopped on the spin bike. Then I cleaned the kitchen with a castor oil pack wrapped around my ankle. That evening I hopped on the treadmill to get my steps in. One of the iFit walks I chose bumped up the pace to a whooping 3 mph. I alternated fast walking and very light jogging. The jankle seemed to do alright!

Sunday morning I came up with training plan for the Behind the Rocks 50-miler. This time around I’m changing things up a bit. First, I’m incorporating more spin rides for cross training. Second, as much as I love interval training, I’m sticking with hill repeats and bike intervals this time around. Regular strength training with Volt Athletics is also coming back. Ideally, I’d like to add yoga once or twice a week, but we’ll see.

In a perfect world my Week 2 mileage would be much lower. Oh well! I plan to take the full ten hours for the race, so hopefully that helps.

Sunday afternoon my husband and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Looking at the forecast it was likely the last nice day until spring, and we wanted to take advantage of it. My jankle felt pretty good afterwards, which means it might be time to start running again!

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