Love/hate technolgy

Date: 4/20/22
Training Day: 136
Miles: 3.6 (treadmill)
Time: 49 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: The run felt good once I let go of the earlier fiasco.

Commentary: I love technology. My phone is like a personal sidekick. It organizes my life, provides me with an easy means of communication, and keeps me entertained at times. My computer helps me get shit done and go to school. My treadmill allows me to run when the weather sucks. The Bluetooth in my car lets me listen to music of my choosing while I drive.

I love technology until it fucks with me. Then I hate it. And I hate how dependent upon it I am.

Wednesday morning was supposed to be hill repeats. I started my custom, made-by-me workout in iFit. Technology is great! I can program a workout for my treadmill! During the warmup there is usually a little “Bluetooth accessories” button on the screen. No button. I guess if it’s not a made-by-iFit workout they assume you won’t be using Bluetooth accessories. I guess they also assume that you don’t want to listen to the streaming radio on iFit because you’ll provide your own through your own device. Basically, if you make your own workout, fuck you, be lucky you have a treadmill to use for your custom workout.

My headphones automatically connected to the treadmill. Since there was no “Bluetooth accessories” button I couldn’t disconnect them from my treadmill to connect them to my phone. After a fit of rage, a few tears, and a temper tantrum, I stopped and discarded my workout, turned the treadmill off and connected my headphones to my phone.

When I turned the treadmill back on my workout was nowhere to be found. That’s what’s so special about iFit. If I create a custom workout I can only access it from the website, which means the only way to get it on the treadmill is to add it to my calendar from the website. What a fucking pain in the ass.

My consolation prize for the day, a giant, frosting covered cinnamon roll. I think I have the diabeetus now.

I spent so much time fucking around with shit that I no longer had time for my 65-minute hill repeats workout. More rage, more tears, and another temper tantrum.

Great, I got up early for no fucking reason! I could have been sleeping! I’m supposed to do my hill repeats today because it’s a hard run, and I have a hard strength workout today, so today is supposed to be hard so tomorrow can be a recovery day! Now tomorrow won’t be a recovery day since I have to do hill repeats tomorrow! Fuck you iFit! Fuck you headphones! Fuck the weather, too! If it was fucking warm outside I wouldn’t even be fucking with this fucking treadmill! Fuck everything!

I finally pulled myself together and settled on the iFit run I had scheduled for Thursday. Beautiful Rapu Nui (Easter Island) and the fun facts about it bestowed upon me by Tommy Rivs helped pull me out of my bad mood. I even managed to enjoy most of the run!

Then my car and phone decided to fuck with me on the way to carpool. Creedence Clearwater was playing from Spotify through my car speakers. I wanted to listen to Metallica. I paused Creedence, opened up YouTube music and hit play on my favorite Metallica album, Reload. Creedence starting blaring through the speakers. What. The. Fuck. After much fuckery, I finally got Spotify and Creedence to back off, and Carpe Diem Baby took over.

And Wednesday was supposed to be a doubles day, but yet again, I got stuck at work late. Maybe I should give up trying to get my strength workout schedule straightened out.

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