Go faster…

Date: 4/19/22
Training Day: 135
Miles: 4.9 (treadmill)
Time: 67 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Max Strength

How It Felt: The run started off just feeling okay, but when I picked up the pace towards the end it felt great! The strength workout was felt pretty good as well.

Commentary: The beginning of the run I took it easy. My heart rate flirted with the transition between Zone 1 and Zone 2. I picked up the pace a wee bit to get it to stay in Zone 2. I still wasn’t feeling all that great, but it felt better.

For the last ten minutes (before cooldown) I picked up the pace to get myself into Zone X/Zone 3. Man, that felt so good! I think my body is telling me to run faster.

I still plan on doing 80% of my running in Zone 2. But instead of lingering towards the bottom of the zone, I plan to cruise in the top of the zone. I’m also looking forward to intervals and hill repeats because the hard work is starting to feel good! Taking it easy last week is just what I needed for my body to recover and get ready for some more intense training.

In other news, I really need to get back to doing my long runs on Saturdays. When I do them on Sunday I have zero motivation to do a strength workout afterwards. So, yet again, my third workout for last week was supposed to happen on Monday, but I had to work late, so it happened Tuesday instead. One of these days I’ll get back on track…

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