Need for recovery

Date: 4/10/22
Training Day: 126
Miles: 2.4 (jogging intervals) + 0.7 (recovery jogging)
Time: 54 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: Man was I feeling the ride and the run! The jog/walking intervals loosened me up nicely. Afterwards I did another short iFit workout at a slow jog to get my 10k steps for the day.

Commentary: Thinking back, I didn’t plan my weekend workouts very well. I took Thursday as a rest day since I planned on riding Friday and running on Saturday and Sunday. Then I did a strength workout Friday and planned to do my third one for the week on Sunday. By the time Sunday rolled around I didn’t have it in me to do a strength workout.

As far as cross training goes, three miles on the bike is supposedly equivalent to one mile running. That means I biked the equivalent of almost 13 running miles on Friday. Then I ran over 11 miles on Saturday. What made me think I’d be up for a strength workout on Sunday is beyond me. What I needed to plan was recovery day.

So, I took it easy on Sunday and pushed my strength workout to Monday. It’s not ideal since Monday is supposed to be a rest day, but oh well. Instead of doing hill repeats on Tuesday, I’ll do strides instead to keep the run easy. The hill repeats will happen on Wednesday since that will be a strength training day as well.

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