Dimple Dell run

Date: 4/9/22
Training Day: 125
Miles: 11.6
Time: 160 min
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Weather: Mid 50s, partly cloudy, breezy

How It Felt: The run felt fantastic! I did about as many miles as I did on the Greenbelt a few weeks ago, but my feet didn’t bother me at all. Trails are the way to go for long runs!

Commentary: Although I find it annoying that it’s still not warm enough in Idaho Falls for me to run (on Saturday the high was in the low 40s with snow showers in the forecast for the evening), I do enjoy running in new places. My husband and I decided to head south for the day so I could run and he could golf.

Now that my husband works at the country club, he gets to play golf for super cheap at a lot of different golf courses in Idaho and surrounding states. His boss got him a tee time at a particular golf course in Sandy, UT, so instead of running at Antelope Island, I found a spot near the golf course.

My colorful compression socks really completed my not-planned running outfit.

In the middle of the city there is a little canyon oasis carved out for running, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and dog walking – Dimple Dell Regional Park. From the parking lot you can see the a stop light and Smith’s grocery store, but as soon as you drop down into the canyon, it’s a whole other world. And more importantly, the canyon protected me from the gusty winds.

I particularly enjoyed this run because there were trails crisscrossing all over the park. At random I would veer left at a fork to see when I ended up. I would see a trail above me and take side trails until I got up to it. Then I would see a trail below and eventually make my way down. The time flew by as I explored the area instead of just running.

Only in Utah would a brewery give a beer that name!

After the run I made way to the golf course to pick up my husband. Once there I decided to head to the clubhouse for a beer. I rarely drink these days, but a delicious, dark beer just felt right. And it hit the spot! I further indulged by getting a gelati after dinner.

On the drive home my slightly overstuffed stomach didn’t feel uncomfortable. It felt delightful, like a reminder of the rewards I treated myself with after my long run. The point of running isn’t to splurge or overindulge, but why not indulge every once in a while if you can?

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