So hungry…

Date: 1/4/22
Training Day: 21
Miles: 3.9 (treadmill)
Time: 58 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: After the hill repeats and the strength workout yesterday, I was feeling a wee tired this morning. I took it super easy on my run to keep it more on the recovery side.

Commentary: I’m so tired of being hungry. Counting calories is for the birds I say. Yes, I want to lose my extra fluff, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it because I hate being hungry most of the day. So, I’ve decided to forgo counting calories and try eating mindfully instead.

When I’m hungry, I will eat. I won’t shovel food in my face as fast as I can. I will eat slowly and enjoy each bite. When I am no longer hungry, I’ll stop. And I plan to continue avoiding junk and processed food as much as possible. I’m also sticking with the Huel in the evening because I’m really enjoy sleeping better.

That being said, I did end up having peanut butter cookies from the vending machine for breakfast because I forgot my breakfast in a different building at work.

If I don’t lose any more weight, so be it. I’ll just wait until I start backpacking again. It’s easy to lose weight when you basically eat the same but burn 3,000 – 4,000 extra calories in a day because you’re hauling a 30-lb pack up and down mountains.

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