Riding in Yellowstone

Date: 4/8/22
Training Day: 124
Miles: 38 (cycling)
Elevation Gain: 1,000 ft
Time: 3 hours
Weather: Mid 50s, windy, mostly sunny
Activity: Strength

How It Felt: The strength workout was good. I ended up doing the strength workout from last week I accidentally skipped because I did the max strength workout for this week. I took it easy on the legs to save ’em for the ride. The ride felt great on the way out because, unbeknownst to us, we had a tailwind. On the way back it was a lot tougher with the headwind.

Commentary: It’s that time of year again – Yellowstone is open for non-motorized traffic until the park officially opens for the season. I planned on joining a friend for a ride on Saturday. Another friend was going to drop us off at West Yellowstone and pick us up at Gardiner. But fourth, or is it fifth, winter decided to descend upon us this weekend, so I opted not to ride with her.

Instead another friend and I rode on Friday because it was a gorgeous spring day. We didn’t get started until 2pm because I had a haircut at 11am.

Last year, this friend and I, along with another friend, rode in Grand Teton on a frigid day. The three of us were miserably cold. We were a wee scarred from that ride, so both of us brought plenty of layers along with us for the Yellowstone ride. Luckily, they were unnecessary and remained in our backpacks the entire ride.

The best part of the ride was seeing the herd of buffalo ambling along the road. We stopped to take some pictures, and then slowly rolled passed them. They didn’t seem too interested in us, which was nice.

By the end of the ride my ass hurt, and I was tired. I was a good girl and didn’t push myself too hard on the uphills or with the wind. I had to save my strength and energy for my long run on Saturday.

Back at my car, I couldn’t get my car to unlock with the key fob. Did I accidentally kill the batter again? I manually unlocked it, and the display lit up. Huh. Not a dead battery. Then it hit me – for the past three weeks or so my car has been telling me to replace my key battery, which I never did. The battery finally died. My friend managed to get my car started, and we thought we were good to go. Ish.

Every few seconds my car beeped and flashed a warning message, “No key in range!” I needed to find a battery before I smashed my car into a tree just to get it to shut up. West Yellowstone might be the gateway to Yellowstone, but it is a tiny town. Thankfully, the grocery store had a battery, and I was able to make my car happy.

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