Garmin vs treadmill

Date: 4/5/22
Training Day: 121
Miles: 4.3 (hill repeats, treadmill)
Time: 60 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength

How It Felt: The hill repeats were tough, but they actually felt pretty darn good. The strength workout wasn’t super hard, but now my RDLs are snatch grip, and the wider grip hurts my delicate hands more. I need to find the gloves I bought for canoeing and see if they’ll work for weightlifting…

Commentary: Whenever I run outside and then hop back on the treadmill my Garmin logs more distance than the treadmill. Once I “Save & Calibrate” the first run, my Garmin tracks much closer to the treadmill distance.

Remember when I finally realized my treadmill might not be perfectly calibrated to the speed it shows? I’m wondering if during an outside run my Garmin “adjusts” or calibrates itself using GPS and my arm swing. If so, then maybe when I go back on the treadmill it uses the adjustments/calibration from my outside run to guesstimate my treadmill mileage.

When I calibrated & save a run on my Garmin, the calibrated distance is saved in Garmin Connect. But Strava doesn’t get the message, apparently. Isn’t that quite a disparity?

If this is the case, then Garmin believes I actually ran a little over five miles today. Whereas my treadmill says I ran almost entire mile less than that. Who the hell knows which one is right. Neither, more than likely, but which one is closer? Unless I get a foot pod, I might never know.

Anyway, I think I’m getting better at creating hill repeats in iFit. I lowered the speed a little bit during the hills. I made the recovery periods longer and slower, and I think that helped a lot. It’d be super cool if iFit let you edit workouts you created instead forcing you to start from scratch each time because that would save a lot of time. Oh well.

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  1. the Garmin…I wonder what a foot pod would do for the treadmill run?….and for the grip for weights, I used to use wrist straps.
    I’m learning all about recovery today…last night ran with 2 ladies who take me way above my comfortable speed zone, but was fine, I needed that, but first thing this morning, was supposed to be a 5K, I managed under 4 with two other fast ladies….it was good and fine, just hard, I’ll live, and lesson learned

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