Still funky

Date: 3/15/22
Training Day: 100!
Miles: 3 (strides, treadmill)
Time: 40 min
Shoes: Xero HFS

How It Felt: Meh. Lately it feels like my runs require more effort than they should. It’s probably all in my head.

Commentary: The funk remains. I still don’t have motivation to do anything productive other than run. My homework and grad school application have been staring me in the face. I ignore them and play Battle Cats or mindlessly scroll through social media.

Yesterday I stuffed my face like a fat kid. For Pi Day a bunch of us brought in all different kinds of pies, and I ate some of almost every pie. I’m also feeling super fluffy these days. My pants are tight, my thighs are rubbing together, and my boobs barely fit in my bra. This expansiveness isn’t helping my mood either.

I’m not quite sure what to do.

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  1. I’m starting to feel like I have to do stuff with others…last night’s run was like a epiphany, just with 2 friends, splashing in a lot of puddles, but fun….and once we got going, fun…on my own, I just have to get out the door, somedays that easier said than done

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