Don’t nudge me!

Date: 3/16/22
Training Day: 101
Miles: 4.6 (treadmill, intervals)
Time: 55 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength

How It Felt: The run felt super tiring while I was running, but I felt good once I was done. The strength workout was a butt kicked, but it felt good to get back at it.

Commentary: Right now, nothing is more annoying than someone “following up” with me because I haven’t responded yet or haven’t done something yet. I know these folks have good intentions. I know they don’t know what’s going on with me. They’re just trying to give me a polite nudge in case I forgot.

But I didn’t forget. I’ve been looking at the all things I need to do and trying to get myself to do them for daaaaaaays. And because my head isn’t exactly right, the polite nudge causes more blahness in my brain because the nudge is another reminder that I haven’t been able to get shit done.

Anywho, hopefully I’ll be out of this funk soon. I am pretty proud of myself for finally getting some homework done, even though it wasn’t much. Something is still better than nothing!

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