Sobering Saturday

Date: 3/12/22
Training Day: 97
Miles: 9
Time: 115 min
Elevation Gain: 1,400 ft
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Weather: Mid 50s

How It Felt: We drove all the way to Boise so I could do my long run outside! The uphill was rough. I basically hiked for like the first half an hour of my run. But my average pace for the entire run wasn’t too shabby! I feel like it was a good representation of what my ultra will be like – hiking steeper uphills and picking up speed on the downhills with a bit of regular running here and there.

Commentary: My head hung down, rolling from side to side.


I startled awake for merely an instant before a beach ball sized rock crashed through the window. Everything went black.

After only sleeping six hours, a nine-mile run, a 22 oz beer and a plate of nachos, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. As my husband navigated the twisty and winding mountain highway in our campervan, I napped in the passenger seat.

My husband noticed a few small rocks tumbling down the steep, tree covered slope next to the road. He eased his foot onto the brake, slowing down to avoid the falling rocks.


I startled awake just in time to see a beach ball sized rock smash into the hood of the van and disappear.

After the near miss my husband and I marveled at how lucky we had gotten. What could have been a disaster was instead a glancing blow. But we continued on down the road, looking for a roadside hot spring that wasn’t busy. We came to one occupied by a single vehicle. I peaked down to the river and saw a couple getting ready to leaved. I asked them how it was, and they told us it was perfect.

When my husband got out of the van and walked around the front of the van his eyes bulged. I got out and looked at where the rock hit. Mangled metal stared back. The damage was far worse than anticipated.

Nothing like a good soak after a long run and near-death experience.

In the hot spring he commented that he’s usually even keeled, but the rock incident left him a little shaken after seeing the damage. We left the hot spring in search of a home for the night. As we drove it hit me, almost as that rock would have, that if my husband hadn’t slowed down I could either be dead or in the hospital. It was a sobering experience to say the least.

This incident was a very real reminder of why I want to try to experience as much as I can as soon as I can. One second is all it takes to change your life forever, and not always for the better.

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