Recovery week

Date: 2/2/22
Training Day: 59
Miles: 3.6 (intervals, treadmill)
Time: 45
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength – Strength Capacity

How It Felt: My lungs still feel meh, so the run felt a bit tough, but it still felt good. The strength workout felt good as well, and I even managed to take the plates off the barbell without breaking anything!

Commentary: In my training plan I scheduled recovery weeks. Every fourth week I tone down my training a bit. Less time and less intense workouts. This week is supposed to be a recovery week.

The first three weeks of training I had a hard time getting all five scheduled runs in each week. And by hard time I mean I only got three or four runs in each week. This week it’s looking like I can get all five in, but that will likely make my mileage for this week my highest yet. Not by much, but it still makes me wonder if this will really be a recovery week if I do all five runs.

I’ve also been missing my spin bike. Well, not the bike itself, but the iFit rides by my favorite coach. So, instead of running tomorrow morning, I think I shall pedal instead. A little bit of cross training/active recovery to make my recovery week a legit recovery week.

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