My lungs don’t like cold

Date: 1/30/22
Training Day: 56
Miles: 2.7 (treadmill)
Time: 36 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength – Strength Capacity

How It Felt: My lungs don’t feel so great after that run yesterday. My inhaler helped a little bit. The felt harder than it should have. I ran a wee longer to make sure I got the January Run badge.

The strength workout was good. It wasn’t as intense as the previous two, so that was nice.

Commentary: Well, I don’t think I’ll be running outside again any time soon. At least not until it warms up. My lungs obviously can’t take it. That’s why I bought a treadmill though. It might not be as awesome as running outside, but it’s better for my lungs.

First thing this morning I did some mobility work to try to loosen up my calves before my run. After the run I foam rolled for a bit, and I used my yoga sand bag to put some extra pressure on my calf. I also made sure to get my quads, and I did some hamstring stretches. Figured I should do some work upstream of the problem as well.

After my workout I soaked in an epsom bath spiked with essential oils that are supposed to help you breathe. The steam and the oils helped my lungs a bit. We’ll see how they feel tomorrow.

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    • The doc said it wasn’t, but gave me an inhaler anyway, so who knows. I had childhood asthma, so my lungs aren’t the greatest to begin with. Don’t know how many times I had bronchitis as a kid and how many different inhalers I had.


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