More weight, must expand

Date: 1/7/22
Training Day: 33
Miles: 1.5 (walking, treadmill)
Shoes: Injinji toe socks

How It Felt: Today I am tired. I was a slug most of the day and stuffed myself with Pad Thai and chicken wings, getting moving on the dreadmill, even if it was just a walk, felt amazing.

Commentary: Before I started my strength training program with the Volt Athletics, I was doing Body Pump. I bought a 60 lb barbell weight set that was perfect for Body Pump. My hope was that the weight set would get me through the first couple of months of my Volt training while I figured out how to expand my home gym.

I’m currently in the hypertrophy phase of training. For four weeks I do the same sets of exercises each week. As I progress, the Volt AI, Cortex, adjusts the weight for the exercises. The weight set worked just fine for this week, but next week Cortex has me lifting more.

Why bother putting shoes on to walk on a treadmill?

I’ve been using my plyo box as a weight bench, and it works well enough. But in the garage we have a legit weight bench, barbell, and plates. The workout room has foam floor tiles to protect the hardwood floor and give me a soft surface for plyo work and stretching.

The idea was to buy either rubber flooring for the upstairs living room and turn it into the weight room because it’s big enough for a squat rack. Granted, I don’t have or need a squat rack just yet, but I like to plan ahead. My workout room would turn into the cardio/stretching room.

If you look real close you can see the weight bench and plates in our messy garage.

A couple of things have forced me to reconsider my original plan. When I got my treadmill delivered I had them assemble it in the living room. Now I can’t get it into the workout room without disassembling it. Sigh. Also, rubber flooring is expensive. On to Plan B.

The new plan is to move the spin bike into the living room with the treadmill. The TV and TV stand will migrate to the living room as well. The treadmill currently sits on a moving blanket to protect hardwood floor. I bought a couple of exercise equipment mats for the treadmill and bike to be a little more practical and a little less ghetto.

I got the mats. Baby steps.

I intended to move all this stuff around today, but the futon and end table/night stand still need to be moved from the living room to the spare bedroom. I also put the end table I bought and never used up on Facebook Marketplace. By the end of the weekend I’m sure the hubster and I will get it knocked it out.

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  1. love the idea of a home gym, but that would mean training at home, I have enough trouble just finding space and quiet time for my bike trainer, and yeah all that stuff is expensive…I keep thinking about a treadmill, but, well……I still need to be outside

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