Unimpressive iFit custom workouts

Date: 1/8/22
Training Day: 34
Miles: 2.3 (treadmill)
Shoes: Xero HFS
Activity: Strength – Hypertrophy

How It Felt: During the run heart rate seemed a little high for how slow I was going, but it felt good overall. The strength workout was challenging and pretty darn good as well.

Commentary: Next week starts my first official week of training! Squeal! The treadmill will continue to be running platform of choice. I don’t feel like bundling up like a mummy just to run and return home sweaty and frozen at the same time. It’s takes forever for my body parts to thaw once they’ve hit ice pack status, and I don’t want to deal with it right now.

Back when I used the treadmills at the gym, the Life Fitness app made it easy for me to create interval workouts. It was almost as easy as creating a workout in Garmin Connect. Then there’s iFit. It sucks. Allow me to enumerate all the reasons why:

  1. Once you create a custom workout you cannot edit it. How is this not a thing?
  2. To adjust speed or incline you have to add a point to a graph and move it around until the x and y values match what you want. Why can’t they let you enter the values or use a scroll wheel like every other app/website?
  3. The shortest interval I can create is 30 seconds, and for my stride workouts the longest interval is 20 seconds. Therefore, I can’t create a manual stride workout. Seriously?
  4. You can only create a custom workout on the website, not in the app.
What a stupid fucking interface.

I feel like iFit has put all this money into workout videos and workouts that automatically adjust your machine, and then completely neglected custom functionality. And I get that iFit is catered to folks who just want to exercise and probably aren’t following a training program. But how hard is it make creating custom workouts user friendly?

End rant.

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