Back in the saddle

Date: 12/7/21
Training Day: 2
Miles: 7.4 (iFit indoor bike ride)

How It Felt: Easy, but man did it feel good to get my legs moving again!

Commentary: This week I’m only spinning. No jogging. No running. Spinning/cycling is a lower heart rate activity whilst getting my legs moving and feeling like I got a workout in.

To keep from pushing myself too hard this week, I opted for a slightly shorter ride today. I also left the resistance where the ride put it instead of increasing it to make the harder. I kept my heart rate less than 130 bpm, but it still felt like I got a decent workout in.

Since I don’t get my treadmill until Christmas (the disadvantage of buying it online instead of in-store), I’ll be doing a lot of work on the spin bike until then. My goal is start doing some jogs outside on the weekends when I can wait until the middle of the day for it warm up.

Today I’m feeling much better post-COVID-wise than I was yesterday. Perhaps working out again is helping?

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